Royal Thank You

         Hello My Royal Essence

We just want to take the time out to Thank you for all the loyalty and support from our Clients as well as our employees, with out you guys there would be no us that is why we aim to please and meet your highest expectations. We love your feed back it helps us fix probems we do not see as well tells us what you guys want from our company we have teamed up with many other site to help give you exactly what your looking for We take pride in making you guys happy and will continue to do so.

Ladies thank you for all your applications and your patients we do not mean to take so long but we make sure we hire the best it is a very hard process but we will get to you in the order that it was received. You will be contacted through your email and through the site after you have been hired by our hiring manager you will receive two legal documents that you will need to sign so that you can be placed on schedule. These legal documents is for your safety of our partnership you as a independent contractor and us as your agent we will talk fianaces and policies once the documents our sign. We are a intertnational company that works with beautiful entertainers all over the world DO NOT EVER THINK YOUR TO FAR 

Thank You So Much From Your Truly Royalty's Essence